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Coconut Game Studio is an innovative Video Game Developer Company in the greater Edmonton area. 

Being dedicated and focused on the fun of creative entertainment,

the goal of Coconut Game Studio is to explore, assemble and distribute mobile video games

that are satisfying, engaging and safe for all. 
Experience the difference at Coconut Game Studio.


Founded in 2019, Coconut Game Studio positions itself as an innovative Mobile Game Developer Company.

As a small independent mobile game creation studio, the passion for fun and entertaining digital content has led  from part-time general hobbyist, to content creation artisan. 

It has been a thrilling journey to leap into the world of digital content creation, and I look forward to many years of growth in the pursuit of excellence, while building a brand recognized as fun, safe and enjoyable for all.
Experience the difference at Coconut Game Studio.



Eagles, Bears "n" Fish is my flagship entry into the world of mobile game apps. It's been over a year in the making and I've tried to combine a number of classic platform elements to create a game world that is both fun and relaxing for the casual player, yet fast-paced and challenging enough for those that seek some bragging rights or crave a bit of notoriety as the achievements champion.

Eagles, Bears "n" Fish is now available at the Google Play Store.

The game has been successfully tested on Android tablets and phones and will be made available for iOS in the coming weeks.


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screen shot of Eagles, Bears n Fish. The fish is jumping out of the wate to catch a fly to eat.


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You need to time your jumping so that you can catch your food.